BFI London Film Festival 2019

The BFI London Film Festival 2019 is here! It’s set to be a magical melting pot of the world’s best […]

Posted on 1st October 2019 by FilmFixer

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Killing Eve 2 - Sid Gentle Films

Killing eve season 2 – cat and mouse across London

Killing Eve 2, BBC America’s/AMC’s hit spy thriller, produced by Sid Gentle Films, is on BBCi player. This season is […]

Posted on 12th June 2019 by FilmFixer

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George Manzes Deptford High Street

Back to Life in Lewisham, Bromley and Lambeth

BBC3’s darkly comic six-part series, Back to Life, follows Miri (Daisy Haggard), attempting to navigate life outside of prison after […]

Posted on 8th May 2019 by FilmFixer

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Central and outer London boroughs had roles in Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody

Locations across London’s inner and outer boroughs were called on for Bohemian Rhapsody, a biopic about one of the capital’s […]

Posted on 12th October 2018 by filmfixerlise

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London neighbours got involved in spy thriller: BBC One’s Informer

The BBC’s new character-driven thriller centres around Raza, an everyday, young second generation British-Pakistani man from London who is coerced […]

Posted on 10th October 2018 by filmfixerlise

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London lent zombie horror action flick Redcon-1 a big hand with its tiny budget

Hundreds of zombies shuffling through central London, military personnel tearing up to Tower Bridge in boats, helicopters: it sounds like […]

Posted on 28th September 2018 by filmfixerlise

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Bromley blues – heart warming new film charts the world’s worst football club’s worst season

True to its name, The Bromley Boys, opening on June 1st, was filmed in the borough by a cast and […]

Posted on 30th May 2018 by filmfixerlise

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Rellik and Liar: Williams brothers dramas both filmed in London

The Williams brother screen writers, Harry and Jack, said they were skipping off to the pub on Monday night – […]

Posted on 12th September 2017 by filmfixerlise

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London plays it straight in the new series of hit comedy Uncle

Where is the world’s worst uncle from? Croydon mainly. He’s headed back to BBC Three on January 1st, then BBC […]

Posted on 30th December 2016 by filmfixerlise

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